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Everything You Need to Know to Build the Perfect Virtual Client Intake Process for Your Firm

Learn how to ethically streamline and automate the client intake process at your law firm—even when working remotely.

As more and more firms move to distributed, away-from-the-office work environments, it’s more important than ever to have a systematic, ethical, cloud-based intake process to capture each new potential client who walks through the door.

By implementing a more reliable intake process, firms can bring in new business more effectively, increase their revenue, achieve greater client satisfaction, and get potential new clients up and running in a more consistent, clear manner—regardless of where the firm's staff is located.

Join Emma Raimi-Zlatic, Clio's Affinity Program Manager, and Michael Chasin, Co-founder of Lexicata and Strategic Advisor to Clio, in this webinar to find out how you can streamline the client intake process at your firm to make it more accessible, ethical, and easy to manage while working remotely.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The common problems law firms encounter when managing client intake
  • How to create a scalable client intake funnel that helps grow your firm
  • How to organize the intake process to comply with your ethical obligations as an attorney—and avoid communication missteps
  • How to automate each step of the intake process so that your team can work virtually

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