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Five Questions To Answer When Setting Up Your Medium Size and Large Firm’s Continuing Education Learning Plans
The Micron Systems’ Editorial Team outlines five questions you should answer while setting up continuing education (CE) and compliance learning plans for the staff and professionals at your firm.
Digital learning is here to stay. The future of work will require organizations to assess the focus of firmwide Learning and Development (L&D) strategies and build learning plans accordingly.

To help make it easy, we’ve outlined five questions you should ask yourself as you are setting up CE learning plans for your firm:

  • What should be the focus of our firm’s learning plans?
  • How should I structure our firm’s learning plans?
  • How do I build our firm’s learning plans around individuals' learning styles?
  • How should I schedule our firm’s learning plans?
  • How should I monitor & track the progress of professionals completing their learning plans?

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