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Dropbox For Lawyers:
What Are You Risking?
How Popular Cloud Storage Providers Lack Security.
Law school didn’t teach you how to evaluate the risks technology poses to your client data, but with cloud-based software quickly becoming the norm, it’s more important than ever that lawyers understand the tools they’re using.
Unfortunately, while commercial options such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive seem like adequate options for file storage on the surface, they leave much to be desired when it comes to protecting client information.

If you don’t have time to take a full CLE course on cloud technology, download this short guide and learn:
  • Why a strong DMS is the backbone of any firm, including 4 unique perks of cloud-based systems
  • 6 best practices for selecting the right DMS for your firm—plus how to measure its success
  • Five questions you should ask every technology vendor
  • What four benefits firms are gaining from moving to the cloud
  • The top three critical risks you’re taking when you use commercial storage

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Dropbox For Lawyers: What Are You Risking?

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