The 2023 Legal Marketing Trends Report is the most comprehensive look at what law firms are doing with their marketing. We surveyed thousands of lawyers all over the country on a variety of topics around growing, running, and marketing their firm, and we’re excited to present the results to you.

Some of our key findings include:

  • Most law firms want to become more profitable, but…
  • Many law firms are hesitant to raise their rates.
  • A breakdown of some of the most popular marketing strategies being used by today’s law firms.
  • Percentage breakdowns of the most effective marketing channels that are currently driving new clients.

We want to help educate and inform solo and small firm lawyers all over the country to help them understand their own marketing strategy and to help them drive referrals and stand out from their competitors.

This massive report from Spotlight Branding is our free gift to you and we believe the data inside will help move your firm forward.

The Best Report in Legal Marketing Is Here!
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